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Text for Page 219 [06-13-1853]

              I would I had thy power of brain.   By Jove the
Thunderer �the world will be swindled if I don�t get
time to work up the raw material of what I�ve seen in
the way of character into a book.       Have I got it
in me, and will it ever come out?
  14.  Tuesday.   Forgot to put down yesterday that Waud
went off for Troy.   Came up at 11, � got to go on by 1,
sketch scene of railroad accident for the �News�, wanted
some money.   So I lent him $10, and off he went with
his accustomed good-spirits and don�t-care-a-d__ nativeness 
�bout anything.     There�s less cant
and humbug,  in him than I have
found in any mortal else o�this side of the water.   
       Boutcher�s another
hard bit of Manhood, who abhors shams and such �
rot from the very kernel of his soul!      It would be
something to grip his hand again.     /        Drawing till
2, doing three Picayune things.    Kelly called; and at
dinner time, Mr Hart,  and together, we two dined
at Erfords.        Down town with him,   Wall Street, Post
Office & Fulton.       Bunnell & Prices, Wells & Webb &c.
Parted at 4,   I to room    & work again.  Kelly
came,  to find Hart,  & left.       Evening to Gymnasium,               
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