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Text for Page 220 [06-14-1853]

              whither at 10 came Mr Hart and a young Londoner, newly
arrived.     Down town together.
  15.  Wednesday.   Came Welden, bidding me to a journey
up the river,  champagne dinner &c.  But time not serving, could�
nt accompany him.    Dunsier called,   Supple called & then
Mr Hart.      I worked on till 1, then dined at Erford�s
with Hart, and together by the 6th Avenue cars to the
Crystal Palace.   Progressing.         Return, and parted.   I to
Fulton Street with drawings  &c.    Called at Vesey Street & sat
awhile with Waud.      Evening to the Gymnasium together; he out
parading with the Cadets,  I exercising till 10, when coming from
bath,   Mr Hart,  Dillon  & the Londoner came.   Erford�s.
  16.  Thursday.    Drawing till 2.  Down town.  Brooklyn.
Evening to Wood�s Minstrels.    Met Dillon, Mr Hart & the
Londoner at Erford�s  subsequently.
  17.  Friday.   Drawing.   Mr Hart with me part of the day,
& we dined together at Erford�s, a summer storm with thunder
lightning and rain raging with almost tropical fury chancing
while we were there,  and afterwards.         Evening close hotly
dank,  and the alianthus trees giving out an oppressive perfume
as I walked to Beach Street.     Lotty opened the door to me, 
and we entred parlor and talked.    Presently Mason called,
complaining of rheumatism, talking of his now living in Brooklyn               
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