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Text for Page 222 [06-17-1853]

              kissed it.               So I said �Good night!� and walked off
with Whytal.       He was very earnest and talkative, speaking
about her.     �Sometimes� said he �she�s so fond of me you�d
think she�d eat me, then there�s a spat and we don�t
speak for three or four days, and she tells everybody she hates
me.�    He cares infinitely more for her, than she for him,
or for aught beside.      I doubt of there�s love in her nature,
self-will and vanity,  ill weeds as they are have choked up
the ground which might have nourished flowers of heaven�s
growth.                 We walked down Broadway,  Chamber Street,
and to Erford�s parting about 12 1/2.               One
incident of the evening I�ve omitted.      Promising to get certain
�notices� of the Sedgwick affair in papers, I made Lotty sit
down and write self praise, which she did!       The first one
she wrote I told her was�nt strong enough.   So she did a
more extensive one,  talked about her �naiv�te�  and �bright
dark eyes�;   was half ashamed of it, and would�nt give it up
till persuaded.
  18.  Saturday.  Down town early morning.  Calls.
Picayune,  Sachem,   Post Office,  Time-Piece  &c.   Back.
Afternoon to Brooklyn, stayed at Dunsiers till 8,
supping with them,  back to New York, and per omnibus
to Gymnasium, (letting gold $1 slip through pocket-hole               
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