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Text for Page 223 [06-18-1853]

              by the way.       Had a bathe, then to Erfords, where I found
Waud & Damoreau.
  19.  Sunday.    Breakfast at Goslings, then to the Bat-
tery to find  Waud & Charley, but they off.     So walked
to the Collins Hotel, Canal Street;  and anon met them.
All with Miss Brown into Waud�s boat,  and rowing down
the glorious river through the sunlight to the English Frigate
Leander, hither sent with Commissioners for the Great Exhi-
bition.    Arrived at the side, some five or six boats there,
their contents crociferating or contesting right of ascent, the water
rushing by like a mill dam.    Some excitement, and I,
Charley & his sister mount, Waud staying to tend boat.    Went
all over the vessel, every thing preternaturally clean,   and
everywhere man o�wars men with white loose trousers, shirts
and blue broad collars,  stalwart, handsome, healthy fellows
some of �em.          Down below, where they were dining, and
where Charley successfully transferred a bottle of brandy to some
of the fellows.        Back, to the Battery, thence walked
to Vesey Street, parting with Miss B.            Dined with them.
In room �en dishabille.        Erfords by 4, took sundry
drinks, then leaving Waud; out into the blazing, blister-
ing streets again.   To Collins hotel,  and Miss Brown�s
room thereat.   Up at the top of the house,  overlooking the               
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