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Text for Page 225 [06-20-1853]

              called.           Remained drawing till evening.   A scorching
blazing, glaring day,   thermometer  97 in the shade.
Oppressive, working, great sweatdrops plashing down on blocks.
Mr Hart called.            They all at Richardsons yesterday.
Evening to Beach Street for some half hour.    Saw Mrs
K.   Lott out.       She and Sedgwick delivered the Enter-
tainment at Mount Vernon, village up the Hudson, on
Saturday.        Back yesterday.      (To Gymnasium.  Some
two or three fellows there,   Carroll among em.    Had a
bath, then to Erfords, finding Waud & Damoreau there,
having come in from a boating excusion.
  21.  Tuesday.   Down town.  Picayune &c    Met
Hawkins, returned from Philadelphia to Brooklyn.  Bah!
To room and drawing.  Hotter than ever.         At
6 1/2 called for Waud & Charley.    To Battery, then
out in Boat, rowed over to Brooklyn & a bathe in
Buttermilk channel.          Back  & gained the Battery by
9.    Erfords.   Mr Hart & Dillon there anon.
  22.  Wednesday.   Down town calls.  Return to room.
Hart & Londoner called.        Out for a glass of claret with
them, and return.        Met Picton, talked of going
next week to Texas, editing & filibustering, anticipating
forthcoming Mexican wars again.    He was clad en black,               
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