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Text for Page 226 [06-22-1853]

              and perspiring direfully.    Intimated the approaching demise
of the �Sachem�.      Serve it Right!      Performances on one
string, musical or literary, albeit curious at first hearing ought to
and do bore everybody.   And this �Native Americanism� is the
smallest & dirtiest tune for asses and knaves to caper to.   It�s
Johnson�s �last refuge of Scoundrelism�.       /           Drawing.
Evening to Gymnasium, few there, exercised very little. At
Erford�s,    Waud, Damoreau,  Mr Hart,  Dillon and Yatman
the Londoner.
  23.  Thursday.  Up by 5 & to Jersey City, rousing Dil-
lon & Yatman to a bath.    Breakfasted, and recrossed to
New York with Mr Hart,  parted in Nassau Street; and I
to room & drawing.     Sedgwick called bearing a note from
Lotty.     /     Worked on till dinner, then all the afternoon,
Dunsier calling and boring me till Whytal came, when he left,
about 7.       Evening Gymnasium,  Waud there:   All the
folk at Erford�s subsequently.       Damoreau coming up into
my room, near midnight, for the numbers of �Bleak House�.
  24.  Friday.   Down town, �Time-Piece� & �Picayune�.     At
Vesey Street by 9, and after half an hours waiting with               
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