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Text for Page 227 [06-24-1853]

              Waud,  Hart & Dillon came.        Mr Hart quitting us for
awhile,  we went about purchases for the day�s �fishing ex-
cursion�.     Shrimps & clams for bait,  bread, cheese, a dozen
of claret &c.       At the Battery, and after an hours waiting
the boat being baled out &c,  & broiling in the sun, we
started out on this dismal enterprise.       First the mast came
down  & sailing was rendered impracticable,  then Dillon in
rowing got a fishhookin is hand,  barb broke in, and we
got to Governors Island to get it out.     Walked to the hospital
& old Doctor Decamp did that job.        Then after much de-
lay and getting a big stone aboard for anchoring we re-im
barked.         Tide running rapidly,  fishing tried, lines would
�nt sink,    Mr Hart & Waud began to suffer internal
agonizations  and prognosticate  impending pukings.   Dillon &
I were all right,   but my turn and peculiar disagreables
came.  I had felt a horrid brain oppression and head-ache all
the day, and part of yesterday.      So having put in to 
Brooklyn at the Atlantic Dock, at the desire of Mr Hart
& Waud; I got worse, having, I suppose, a Sun-stroke,
being partially insensible, conciousness indistinct, having  Ice
put on my head for two hours or so by Mr Hart, who
remained with me,     Dillon & Waud bathing.     Partially
revived, though with frightful headache,  and very weak, I               
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