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Text for Page 229 [06-26-1853]

              nal disarrangements.    /      To Mr Greatbatch�s & there all
day till 8 or so in the evening.           A letter from
home, my Mother & Rosa, writing.  Also one from Boutcher,
dated from the Tyrol.     /         Joe has forwarded another letter
from Australia.      Tried a weeks digging at the mines, hard
navy�s work, blinding sun and choking dust, and intolerable
flies.       Was sick, couldn�t stand it, back to Melbourne and
carpenters work; building frame house, getting �1 a day,
paying about �2 expenses ^|weekly|.  Talks discouragingly about Aus-
tralia.     /             Home letters mention John Bolton; George�s
younger brother getting married.  The first time I recall to mind
seeing him, he was a big boy in a long pinafore, with a 
face as brown as a gipsy, round and good humored withal.)
     Walked to Beach Street, feeling very sick and weak.
Talk with Mrs K awhile,  and with Lotty all the
rest of the evening, till 11.       Seeing I was ill, she
was very kind. 
     She would fain have had me stay there
and be nursed awhile,  on a stray suggestion of her mother�s
to that effect.      I lay on the sofa, and she sate on a
little stool beside me.    �Poor fellow!� said she, her
hand on my head, �he�s sick!�        And again �I
don�t like to think of you sick in that room, and nobody               
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