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Text for Page 230 [06-26-1853]

              to help you!    I shall come and see you tomorrow!�  My
heart was full of 
sorrow that this little ill-regulated nature with such divine
gleams of good in her, was not happy, perchance could not
be.     Well, God pardon us, every one!          Her sympathy
might be transient, but it was true and womanly, and good, 
I�m sure.      And dear Lotty!  I won�t forget it, even
when you do things that militate against your better nature,
that pain me to see, and think of.       /             We talked 
for a long time alone, about Dod and other matters, and
Whytal came  and I left.
   27. Monday.    A miserably wet day.     Sick and hard
at work drawing, undisturbed by mortal, save Waud, who
called in the Morning.    To Fulton Street through the rain
in the afternoon,  and returning, found by paper scrap on
door Mr Hart had been.     Laid down, read Montaigne
awhile,  and dozed till 8.  Got tea at Erford�s, then
to room, and scoring up this Diary for the last four
days.        It�s midnight.   I�m not a bit sleepy, thanks to
doze.    I want some great, kind, large hearted Spirit
to preach Peace to my heart, so I shall take down
Shakspere.          A hundred thousand years hence, when this
Now of mine, and those about me; with its strivings               
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