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Text for Page 231 [06-27-1853]

              aspirings and sorrows shall be dim and distant as
to us the days of Egypt�s Pharoahs; what lonely
fellow may not do as I do, now?           O Human
Creatures, ever the same, weak and erring, but most
divine;  meet is it that we should pity, should sym-
pathize with, should  Love One Another!      Meet is it
that we should Not judge one Another hardly, � that
we should try to do unto Others as we would they should
do unto Us.
     Shall I know Lotty in another World?     In what 
Strange cycle of spirit life shall I be given to know
through I-know-not-what sense or intuition that this is
a human Soul I knew right well,  and thought somewhat
off, on that earth; drifting together as we did a space?
  De Quincy says, and, I know truly, a most awful
thing, That We Forget Nothing.     Only a cloud of circum-
stances overlay and blur it out awhile.   And persons� resusci-
tated from drowning have had all the acts of their lives pass before
them,  like one Eternal, Instantaneous Panorama.      Who
can think of this without awe?     Who would�nt shirk
it if he could?            Every one�s experience confirms this.
An accidental word,  a scent,  a look will bring up, vivid
and clearly defined some long forgotten incident.      Then the               
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