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Text for Page 089 [02-13-1850]

              money checked the defendant�s plea.       My heart sickened
at the thought of this to any sensitive mind. 
[word crossed out].  Poverty is a serious and
most wretched thing �  a great ail, and pampored Ignorance
alone can deny it.
  14. Thursday. Drawing on paper � unwell ��loafing.�
  15. Friday.   Afternoon to Warren Butler�s � I didn�t get paid �
then to Schnieders in Bowery.    Chill, driving windy day.
Evening, gossip, Chaucerian reading with a Mr James Brown, who 
has just left the room, now.  Must check tendency to this, keeping
approbativeness down � Besides Book-information is here, all exported �
nothing im ported.  Papers, and a letter from Boutcher. (My birthday)
  16. Saturday. Work till Evening, then crossed to Jersey
and Boot-shop.  Old Collinson. (Hughie away home for the morrow.)
Divers glasses of ale and port-wine with Orenford Chrispin, then
returned to New York.
  17. Sunday.  Crossed to Jersey, and called at York Street for 
Collinson, designing a walk.  He already started.  So alone along
the rail-road up to Bergen. Long spearlike Icicles depending from the
rocks, dripping water; clear, sunny, chill day.  Back to York
by dinner time.    Reading and dozing subsequently.  Fred and Edward
came, and left. /  Read in Police Gazette that Hawkins has got
thirty days imprisonment. Serve him right. / 	  Evening, in
the sitting room with Brown, Martin and others.   Latter gives
insight into Slavery position.  Anticipates that the Free-soil party               
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