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Text for Page 232 [06-27-1853]

              strange feeling that we have been in like scenes before,   know
what is coming, what will be said &c.       Emerson�s right.
No Time and Space in Spirit Land.       Eternal �Now.�
  What a cloud of faces rise to my Mind�s eye, now.  How 
many, how varied, how for a space daily encountered,
then to drift off, never to reappear again.     Were it to
be said to us even of a chance common-place acquaintance, �
�When one of you quit this room, you will never behold him more
in this World,�  it would sound solemnly.   Yet such things
are, every day,  �twixt dear friends, �twixt mother and son,
wife and husband.     �Twill come, for one of them.
  28.  Tuesday.   Drawing till 2.  Dined, then down
town calls.   Picayune,  Time Piece, Strong�s.   At a New
publication Office  �New York Journal.�       With Hutchings.
Return.      Supped at Erford�s, after calling at Vesey
Street & seeing Waud & Brown.            Mr Hart, Dillon
& Waud came to my room at 7.       Up town together,
and all, save Dillon to the Gymnasium; he joining us
at Erford�s afterwards.
  29.  Wednesday.   Work on a big pine-board poster
for Hutchings.  Down town in afternoon.  Met Dillon &
Hart at dinner.        Calls.    Saw N Orr at �Journal
Office.�       Back by 1/2 6, feeling weak & ill.    Rain               
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