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Text for Page 234 [07-02-1853]

              2.  Saturday.  Up betimes, down town to breakfast &
post-office, Picayune Office, Wells & Webbs  &c.   To room and
drawing till 2.   Mr Hart  & Dillon called.    They leaving
Waud came.    Mrs Welden called.      I to dinner at Erford�s,
thence down town, to Picayune Office & Strongs.    To Brooklyn.
Thence back to New York, supped at Goslings, and to room.
Storm again.      Slept till 9 1/2, then to Erfords.  Found
Mr Hart,  Dillon & Yatman.    Out to see fireman�s pro-
cession & returned again.   Waud & two fellows came.  Parted
at 12.                Sick and queer all this week.
  3.  Sunday.  To Jersey City by noon, dining with
Mr Hart, Dillon &c, and tarrying the day.    Dillon off
in the afternoon, nor appeared any more that day.       I
and Mr Hart crossed to New York by 8 1/2, and leaving
him at Erford�s, I went to Mulberry Street for carpet-
bag.     A hot night, lightning glare behind the house tops,
and streets explosive with anticipatory patriotism.   Called
at Beach Street, and learnt that �Mrs Whytal & Mrs
Kent had just gone to �Taylor�s�  with a gentleman�;  and
that �Mrs Kidder was in the country with a day or two.�
  So I went to Erfords, (passing by Taylors on the way.
There was a great mob of well dressed folk going in, and               
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