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Text for Page 090 [02-17-1850]

              will hew in the Slave states � and when there is then no market
for the human-cattle, the system will suicide itself. Then that
emigration of freed blacks will encrease to Liberia � and thus,
in time Africa be civilized � which all the missionyzing in the
world will never effect. 
[word crossed out]. 	Divers anecdotes of Slavery, and its evils
moral and political told.
  18. Monday.  To Chatham Street � �pants� purchasing � very
parisian cut.  Faith, I�ll look like one of Paul de Kock�s students! /
 I cannot say I like the �children of Israel�. The desire to get money
is shewn in such odious way � nor is their phisiognomy prepossessing.
By the bye, it is no insignificant Sign of the Times � the utter
rascality and venality of the modern shop keeper.  In the times of
our fathers, the tradesman who supplied a bad article � not durable,
would be considered a rogue � called one, and atonement expected. Now
a days, every thing is made, like Peter Pindars razors to Sell,
and that only.  Everything for look and sale.   It is a damned age
for that matter!	  	�Mose� all day � mighty busy, � lots
of shirt button, pre-going out miseries.  These things misanthrophize
the temper for more than great sorrows.   It�s a hateful thing
to leave holes in shirts, buttons-missing, and ten times more hateful 
to have to plan and bother and scheme how to remedy such trumpery
nuisances. Its a nuisance to have the mind irritated by such pettinesses.               
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