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Text for Page 009 [07-04-1853]

			July 1853.
  4.  Monday.  Rose  at 4 1/2 after a sleepless night;
a sick restlessness  combined with a continuous rain-storm
and the pyrotechnic poppings, bangings and clamor of pat-
riotic juveniles barring repose.   Finished preparation, stuck
inscription on door and with carpet-bag sallied forth, the rain
having ceased.     More folk about than want at such an early
hour,  certain bands hurrying up  Broadway, fifes squeaking
villainously and drums recieving any conceivable amount of per-
sonal chastisement.       To Vesey Street, mounted aloft and
tarried till Waud had completed dressing, then both out,
and directing our course to the North River, breakfasting
at an adjacent tavern on coffee-and dough-nuts by the way.
Aboard the �Francis Skiddy� and soon found Mr Hart &
Dillon Mapother.   Together on the boats top,  having freed
ourselves of baggage encumbrances.    7 o�clock, and after some
delay we are off, the day waxing finer with every mile we
progress up the noble Hudson.    Of the �wonders and delights of
that renowned river�  little beseems it that. I should essay a
feeble ink track after Washington Irving,  notheless I must
put down what beauty-shadows haunt my memory touching it.
A nightly continuous wall of rock palisades, verdure clad en
the summit, then bare sheer descent for a space, and embowering
copse and shrubbery to the waters edge.      Long slopes of
luxuriant summer land, bold bluff and huge round topped
mountain, sky and sunlight, great golden edged continents
of cloud land floating above, their shadows chequering with               
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