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Text for Page 010 [07-26-1849]

              first love, ambition, the bliss of loving, with the final
�And it has come to thus �� 		But I should say 
that it is more often done in a moment of excitement, not thought-
fully. 	/	Joe and George calling in the Evening 
went out with them. Bagatelle and whist at tavern kept 
by an Englishman.
  27. Friday. New York. Childs unwell. Saw his ill-looking 
and ill mannered partner Jocelyn. Half an hour at Bobbett and 
Edmonds, then a call on Stringer. 	Decisions as to �Mose� and 
the Railway trip postponed to Next Week. [words crossed out]
[line crossed out]
[words crossed out]  		A walk with George about the 
Waterside, in the Evening. 	If I augur aright he�ll return 
home ere three months has passed.
  28. Saturday. Called twice at Childs� in the morning; 
he out both times. 	A call at Robert Roberts. He out of town.
Talk with his man. 		Another unsuccessful call at Childs 
in the afternoon. 	Returned blue devilled, head-hanging down, 
snarl-faced, and thinking that I ought not to finding getting
up fortune�s ladder so difficult. 	Evening looked in 
at the Pork Store. 	Plenty of musquittoes and but com-
paratively few customers. 	Mr. Greatbatch called there.               
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