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Text for Page 091 [02-19-1850]

              {19. Tuesday.     In-doors, at work on �Mose�, till about 10 at
  20. Wednesday    night generally.    Venturing out, on, (I think
  21. Thursday    Wednesday evening, with intent to call at Christopher
  22. Friday.}   Street, sprained my ancle � (the ancle) extremely.
Sat down on door-step for half an hour, then limped back in agony.
Bathed and bandaged it, then to bed and little sleep. Lame. unable to
wear a boot.
  23. Saturday.   In the afternoon called on Warren Butler. He out.
To Empire City Moore�s for my �Revelations� MS.  Fellow talked about a dra-
ma of his, founded on Answorth�s �Critch-ton!�
  24. Sunday.  Writing to Boutcher all this morning, and part of the afternoon;
when Collinson called.  Out with him. Leaving him at Mulberry Street, in company
with his estimable friend, (who we gound lying on a bed, in a dirty room, littered with
leather, and smelling woundily of cobler�s-wax;)   I walked to Christopher
Street. There at Tea, and till-9 in the Evening.   Returning to Duane,
some talk of Disunion � Abolition, Henry Clay and Niggers: among Martin
and other boarders.
  25. Monday. At work till 10 at night on �Mose.� Going ahead first
  26. Tuesday.  Out for lithographic crayons. Called on Bobbett and Edmonds and
on Butler. (latter didn�t cash up.)  �Mose�.  Joe Greatbatch called, and sat
half an hour or so.  Afterwards, his father, with a letter for me. From home.
Letter from my dear Mother and Naomi.    I couldn�t draw any more this
night, � heart too full.  Heart-easing tears at what Naomi says� how they               
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