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Text for Page 012 [07-04-1853]

to us, giving us back our own information  with ill-contrived
circumstantial lies of his own.       Also he charged me sixpence
for a minimum glass of milk, the which I could have gotten
in New York for a cent.      Wherefore I set him down as
a humbug and an Imposition, albeit he did come out &
sweep a flat stove, giving us the information that it was �old
Rip Van Winkle�s bed.�       Anon came Waud & Dillon
from the rear.       We had passed them, & they had not
yet reached this shanty.       Coach came.    We all walked
on,   Mr Hart & I leisurely,  Dillon & Waud out-speed
ing us.       Suddenly the trees on our left ceased for a short
space,  and then from the mountain side  what a view had
we!       Far far down below, trees above trees, rye and barley
fields,   the Hudson like a white streamlet winding onwards,
and beyond that for miles away.           Trudging along,
steeper yet the path becomes, and at length we sit and
await the carriage.     Enter it and onwards,  keen faced
man is communicative  touching a bear he chased for two
days four years ago.    Tangled curls has the bough with
clustering cherries on �t      I gave her time back, 
(the which of course she took sans acknowledgment,) and
munches �em quietly.        The Mountain House.       A
spacious, handsomely built wooden hotel, on the very brow
and summit of the mountain.        Passing through it, we
stand on a broad esplanade in its rear.     And then, the
glorious burst of rich beauty, albeit waning light dimmed
its detail.      Far as the eye could see, all around, one               
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