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Text for Page 013 [07-04-1853]

vast Panorama spread out to admire and wonder at.  /  Here
we rejoined Dillon & Waud, & after inquiring start off for
a mile or twain through a forest path to the Falls House.
Pools of water rock bestrewn, masses of fern, wild strawber-
ries in the lush and luxuriant grass, wild flowers of a size 
and beauty unknown to English lanes; and blossoming trees.
Met two folks in carriage, one a burly man who had recently
crossed the Atlantic with Dillon.          Arrived at the Fall�s Hotel,
a small, wooden built, cleanly place, and adjacent to it a
little shanty overhanging the Fall to which we, incontinently
proceeded.      A great ravine and heaven-shouldering mountains,
a great curve of rock all framed in by trees and verdure,
and a small stream of water dashing down into the hollow.
So it appeared to us then.     Miles away rose a huge
mountain, its distance indicated by the blue tints swathing
it.          And on either hand great forest-clad mountain sides,
with many mighty skeleton tree trunks rising out of the
verdure.       The edge of the lower fall we could see,
no more.      / It was quite night now.     8 o�clock and
a plentiful supper .   There were some five or six folk
present,  one dark haired & young stood with arms folded 
in slightly melodramatic attitude under piazza,  the other 
older looking, both gentlemanly.    A sturdy, good humored
loose white trousered Englishman, bearded, hath lived in Cuba
and travelled much.          And others.              All to bed
early,  Waud & I together.     Room small but cleanly,
shelving roof, and window on the floor.               
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