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Text for Page 014 [07-05-1853]

  5.  Tuesday.   Up, (after sound sleep all night)  by 5 1/2.
Out to the little streamlet in the thicket with Waud &
Dillon designing a bathe.     The shallow little steam was
all choked with rocks;  but after following it for some
five minutes we came to a spot where lavation was practicable.
How fresh, how deliciously cold was that morning�s dip! The
calm pure solemn sunlight shone high on the tree tops, the
little brook gurgled and rippled amid the huge stones, rain-
drops from last nights storm sparkled on the leaves of hickory, oak
and maple, luxuriant and beautiful ferns grew all around,
and there were flowers, blossoms and greenery all around. Below
we came upon a pod where the water was damned up till such
time as the advent of a sufficient number of visitors to the little
Shanty over hanging the Fall, justified the elder Schutte, (father
of our landlord, and a mountain-bred communicative old man,) in
letting the waters on.      Breakfast being over, we all descend to
the depths of the Fall, at first winding along the cliff to the right
among the tall trees, then down steep ladder staircases and rocky
foot path skirting the mountain�s side, till we stand at the foot
of the first fall.      A huge semicircle of rock arching over, a 
little streamlet plashing down to a depth of 180 feet, partly
breaking against a great projecting ledge halfway above.    Any amount
of timber strewn about hiding rock and stream, partly carried down
by freshets from a dismantled sawmill, partly hurled down for
the delectation of visitors.    High up and all around tall trees
and rocks.      Below is the lower fall, some 80 feet in
depth, the water ruffled and rippled by projecting rock.   Down               
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