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Text for Page 015 [07-05-1853]

this July four years back a young fellow stumbling from the edge went crashing
on to rock and pool below, broken limbs and contusions the result,
albeit he survived the injuries.        /         To the foot of the lower
fall, and there all four seated on a monstrous boulder of rock lying
half athwart the stream, beside a rustic bridge, we gazed upwards 
for a good hour or twain,  Waud & Dillon sketching the spot.
  The little Shanty above, with pole and pendulous basket (for the
purpose of lowering eatables to below,)  looked small enow.   Anon
visitors, ten, twelve or more, both men & women, (being a party from
the Mountain House.)    And the water was let on, increasing the
little stream perhaps ten-fold, adding mightily to its beauty. Pre-
sently we commence progress down the river�s bed, stepping now
from stone to stone, now on planking and drift wood, (with which
it would seem there had been intent to choke the stream,) now on
fallen pines and cedars, from the cliff path above.    Devious progress
was it, and hot withal.      At length we mount the path, and
soon overlook another Fall, pretty enough. three or four broad
or narrow jots of white water plashing down from no great heighth.    I &
Mr Hart bathe in the pool at their foot,  Dillon & Waud having
preceded us.      Also we have a notable shower bath, and the
bright July Sun shining in all his glory an Iris is formed,
so that I stood encircled by a Saint-like halo, � a nimbus of
exquisite colors.         Back, through a forest path, skirting the
stream on the right, and at length up those pitilessly steep ladder
stairs to the house by 3 o�clock.      Being ravenously hungry did
justice to dinner.      Talk awhile afterwards.     Dillon & Waud
off again.     I went up stairs, read awhile then dozed.        After               
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