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Text for Page 016 [07-05-1853]

supper talking, gazing out from the little overhanging shanty at 
the ravine below, & general fraternization.
  6.  Wednesay.  Down below the Falls before breakfast.  After
Dillon off with a party of three or four, for shooting; Waud
off with artists sketching; I & Mr Hart to the Mountain
House.       Through forest paths, by a small lake, past a de-
serted sawmill; where trees & flavoring underwood hemmed us
in with sylvan beauty, wild strawberries in the grass, huge daisies
and butter cups, & a beautiful flower on a bush much like
unto a moss-rose, the Kalmia   Sweet scents on the air, sunlight & glad
sky, and great mountains all around, � we are in the heart
of the Kaatskills.       Arrived at the Mountain house, we take
cigars and each to the rocky esplanade behind it, where stretched
at ease we survey as �glorious a prospect as ever gladdened prophet�s
eye on Pisguh.         Sheer down below us are trees � trees below
trees.      Little words, great forests, fields of rye & corn, and
here and there a house.      The Hudson, and hills far away.
The vastness of the prospect belittles description.          So grand,
so peaceful, so lovely, no cooking care or trouble left in the
gazers nature.   How long have I been away from New York?
Methinks an abysm of time divides us, yet tis but three days.
Back, meeting Dillon & others by the way.      Dined, this day
at an hour past noon.   Dillon & rest present, he having shot a
hare.        Afternoon, I set off alone, down the fall, & through
the leafy, rocky forest path to the lower fall, scene of yesterdays
bathing, and repeated it singly.      Supper over & Waud &
the two artists returning it was suggested to all descend to the basin               
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