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Text for Page 017 [07-06-1853]

of the Fall below & there kindle a mighty fire with the timber
& drift wood .   So after some preparation we set forth, six in
number, one bearing a lantern, and the others indifferently pro-
vided with pine torches, the which they experienced no small difficulty
in keeping in a state of combustion.       Down steep ladder & path
till we stand below the first Fall.     Mr Hart & I go to work
on our own hook, close beside the fall, while the others commence
on a flat rock the other side of the pool.    Our fire blazes
bonnily and leaps, crackles, and roars mightily as we pile plank
on plank pyramidically upon it.      Anon the other pile makes way,
and soon both pyres are raging hotly, rocks cracking with heat,
a huge shower of sparks rising up for 300 feet or more, and
the red glow li quivering in the pool & lighting up the descending
streamlet.      It was a grand scene .  The tall trees tremulous &
stirring in the heated air,  the nether blackness of the fall
below, the rushing, roaring noise of the fierce fires, the rippling
of the water amid rocks and holes, & anon a shout or a
cannon shot from above.    Great arching rock caving around us,
roots of trees, moss & bushes; � a scene that Dante might
have treasured up in his gloomy memory .       Up the rocks
again & to bed by 11.  Put in a new & pleasant room.
  7.  Thursday .  Below the Falls all the morning & down
the stream.     Afternoon writing in doors.     Evening a fire built
at the bottom of the lower fall, the four of our party doing it.
Artits left for the Clove.               /          I have put down this
morning erroneously, memory playing false.   It was passed as follows.
I, Dillon, Waud & Arists all set off down stream, below the               
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