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Text for Page 018 [07-07-1853]

farther fall, partly along a road, then in stream again, all
bathed, & then set to sketching, save Dillon.     We three back
to dinner; they returned, I did not.
  8.  Friday.     Below Falls with Mr Hart, fire having
burnt all night we revived it & built another.       Then two
hours lying looking on.        Anon to the farther fall & a bathe.
Back to dinner.       In the afternoon  I accompanied Dillon &
Waud to the Clove (in the Mountains.)     A picturesque Alpine sort
of gorge.     Found our Artists there & a German.   Sketching.
Back by 7 1/2, wearying steep, up hill paths.       Scoring up the Diary
in the Evening.
  9.  Saturday.  All four off for a walk to the Clove in
the Mountain.   Down the glen by the leafy forest-path skirting
the rivulet for a mile, then along the steep mountain path high
above on the other side, till below the lower fall we issue forth
on a dusty road, still following the course of the stream.   Past
the ruined mill which we were sketching on Thursday, and on
through the Mountain gorge, mighty tree-covered mountains rising up
on every hand.     A few huts, barns & shanties, a deserted
tannery, making the spot fragrant with the smell of oak bark,
oxen with bells attached to their necks, a rustic bridge or twain
were what we saw.   Waud & Dillon had hurried on, intent on
sketching.     Joining them, we all passed down to the pretty fall
sketched yesterday.     The water here had worn its way back in the
rocks, turning a deep hollow, framed by tall tree-clad cliffs.
Here we all bathed delectably.   Anon more sketching, then jogging
along the footpath way down to the �Clove,� encountering out Artist               
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