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Text for Page 092 [02-26-1850]

              thought of me on Christmas day � and at Rosa�s verses.   Many a time have
I thought and acted unkindness to her. I see it now.   And poor little Sam
was near dying of the Cholera! They never said that in former letters. Ah
what sorrow to return home and miss one face among them!  Oh God I
pray thee, whenever it may be thy will that I see home and England again
there may be no such grief in store for me!       / 		Finished
letter for Boutcher in the evening.
  27. Wednesday. Early walk to Post Office, with letter for Boutcher.
Brief stroll up the Battery.  Then back to Duane. �Mose� all day.
Evening wrote a rhyming letter to Wing.
  28. Thursday.  To the Post Office with letter for Wing. �Mose�
all day.   / 	Thinking of my favourite play �As you like it,�
and of the circumstance Knight speaks of in connexion with it � that it
was written at a time when Lord Southampton his ^|Shakspere�s| early patron was in dis-
favour with the court � (a friend of his also.)   In this light, what a me-
mento of the rich, genial heart of our most divine poet it is!  Such a
testimony of friendship and heart-touching sympathy surely never exceeded in
the world.        Fancy the solace, the balm to the etiquette-wearied scholar
-courtiers as Arden was presented to them.  As Touchstone (philosophic fool)
descanted on courtier-phrase, and the follies of the great world � how men
�ripe and rot �� as the jovial songs bid cast all care and carking sorrow
aside � as Jacques spake �!		O play of Sunny hearts, and
true Golden Age, blessed be the Memory of the Prospero that produced thee!               
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