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Text for Page 021 [07-11-1853]

in Dog�s Hollow; then landlord Schutt & Mr Hart rattled off
in the vehicle for Catskill, leaving Dillon, Waud & myself to
walk it.       �Twas a glorious, sunny day, naught sad about it but
the feeling that this pleasant week had come to a close.     Coat over
stick, with open throat and perspiring faces we jogged on, dusty footed.
An hour devoted to raspberry plucking and in cherry trees, divers halts
for resting, steep winding roads, and the tall mountain tops in
our rear, grandly beautiful, peaceful & passionless.  Dillon & Waud
kept ahead of me for the most part .        The day wore on, the 
shadows changed from one side to the other, and we reached Catskill
by 5, there finding Mr Hart & Schutt.     Supped at the
tavern where I & Mr Hart had waited for the couch, & an hour
and a half subsequently were embarked on board the Columbia.   The
Hudson lay lakelike and beautiful in the summers evening.   Great
bales of hay aboard, & passengers increasing at each landing place.
Farewell to the Catskills, rising up in abrupt isolated-looking beauty.
Up rose the crescent moon and rippling beauty of white light rests 
like God�s blessing on the waters.          Onwards we plash, setting aloft
in the life-boat, conversing merrily or thoughtfully.      Returning from
securing our berths Mr Hart & myself met N Orr the Engraver.
Anon he joined us, with his child a very pretty, healthy, happy-
faced little girl, who sat quietly listening while we talked, her
innocent face sparkling into a smile when any one looked at her.
  I love children; little girls especially.     And I know not how
�tis, but the older I grew the greater envy I have of the man who
possesses them.          Somehow I�m half � no, not resigned, � that
I shall never be, but have half come to regard it               
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