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Text for Page 024 [07-14-1853]

dancing cellars,   negroes & negresses.   Vice and crime rampant
in bye streets, good things of day fast abed and asleep.       To
my room & reading half the night through.
  15.  Friday.  Down town calls.   Return to room, Mr Hart
came, and presently Welden.    He had shaved off beard and mous-
tache, and until he spoke I did not recognize him.  Just re-
turned from Niagara.     Talking, all, and drinking claret.    They
left,   I to dinner, and Brooklyn.      Evening visited Wood�s Min-
strels.     To the Gymnasium at close.        Found Mr Hart, Dillon,
Waud, Yatman & Etting at Erfords, and anon Damoreau came.
  All there till past 11.     Walked with Mr Hart to Jersey Ferry,
parting at midnight, then back to room, witnessing a serenade
to President Pierce at the Astor House by the way.
  16.  Saturday.  Stirred out scarcely at all, save for meals.
Writing article for the Times.      Waud with me afternoon & evening.
A brief stroll out at night together.
  17. Sunday.   Breakfasted down town at Goslings, then in-doors
during the greater part of the day, finishing article for Times.  Waud
down stairs, in Swinton�s room, drawing.   No one called all the long 
sunny day.    With Waud during the afternoon.    Evening, he de-
clining to take a walk, I rambled off to Beach Street. Lotty
was at the window, talking with Gordon, a well meaning sort
of vapidity enow.       Mrs � I forget her name, � chatty little widow
lay on the sofa, sick and silent.        Talk, lively.  One or
two quaint personalities I chanced to say to Lotty, set her practising
her queer little insolences, half natural, half assumed as they are.
She mocked and moved, put her face near to mine, plucked               
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