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Text for Page 028 [07-24-1853]

was a pretty animal of a German woman at table who amused me
much.   She was plump, deep-bosomed, hair worn in piquant tri-partite
style, & glossy; dressed a little outr�, blue scarf tied about her
neck, and little blue meshes about her wrists.  Very frank
was she, and ate extensively, chattering away in her own tongue at
a great rate with a fellow-countryman, & with her husband, a
bearded and spectacled Teuton.    /                 I left, went to
Erfords, leaving Charley dressing for execution.    Found Mr Hart,
at after a visit to my room,  to don frock-coat, with Waud,
altogether to Vesey Street.          Dillon & Yatman there.         The
bride was attiring herself in room,      Charley fluctuating �twixt it
and his own.       She was dressed in ball costume, law �neck�, filmy
dress, though not white & the customary artificial orange blossoms in
home.       He was in black.    Wherefore I conclude the fact of the
husband not arraying himself in blue coat & brass buttons don�t affect
the legality of the match.          There were no bridesmaids, (at the
lady�s own desire.)         All us masculines out to Van Name�s
for imbibition.   T�was a sultry summer afternoon, and the church,
Saint Paul�s opposite.         I, Dillon & Yatman went over, &
after a bit of a look round the Church Yard, (& by 7 Cooke�s
monument &c)    I found Sexton & learnt particulars of him.
Down Vesey Street to the house.       Bride sitting in state, &c � told
Damoreau programme, talked awhile, & then back.  Once
more there.    Coach moved up the street, halted at side gate, &
the twain moved to the church,  we bottle holders following into the
Vestry.      Names &c  registred.        Charleys.  Then �Beatrice Prideaux,
born at Pisa, Italy,� (age I think 27 or 8.) So she said.       Waud &               
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