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Text for Page 093 [03-01-1850]

  1. Friday. �Mose� all day, from 8 till 10.
  2. Saturday. Called at Moore�s and got MS returned. �Mose�
till sunset.   Evening, at 9 crossed to Jersey.  Hughie and Collinson at
the boot-store. (the latter about to emigrate Newark-wards.)
  3. Sunday. Snow and hail out of doors.   Writing letters home.
To my mother and Naomi. (Writing to a person is a sort of being with
them, mentally.)
  {4th. Monday to    Indoors, at work on �Mose�.  Indigestion and im-
  9. Saturday}    patience at inability to work faster than�s possible with the
ordinary number of hands.   Made acquaintance with a certain young Anglo-
West Indian, having a roving architecturalizing commision from an Office
at Philadelphia.  Much in my room � name Bridgens.    Also old
Mr. Kent the Bostonian. In my room reading �Burton.�    Crossed over
to Jersey and Collinson�s place of employ in the early part of the week
�levening), and again on Saturday night. previous to which, in
the sitting room, with Bridgens, Martin, Johns &c looking over a
series of exquisite lithographs � French churches, and Cooper�s cattle
drawings.   /         Money waxing low, and irritably anxious to complete
�Mose� drawings therefore.   Dunned Butler for the owing $7 & didn�t get it
  10. Sunday. Walk on the Battery with Bridgens in the afternoon,
fine sunny, breezy day.  Waves playing leapfrog, drenching incautious pe-
destrians.  Glorious sunset, all lines visible.       Walked to Chris-               
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