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Text for Page 031 [07-25-1853]

to Gosling�s, where we supped, then a stroll on the Battery.   To
Erfords by 9.     Kelly, Whittle, Waud & anon   Dillon Mapother 
there.     Parted about 10 1/2.
  26.  Tuesday.  Dismal rain nearly all day.   Through it to
Gosling�s for breakfast & to Wells & Webbs.     Drawing the rest of
the day, till 7.    Mr Hart and Kelly called for brief space
at 6.     Supping at Sweeney�s; returning to room, remained indoors
all the evening.     Being undressed, at 11 about lying down
for an hours reading, comes a tapping at my chamber door.    It was
Welden.  He came in and had a talk, & Waud came in, too.
  27.  Wednesday.  My article in Times.    A dismal, drizzling
day.  Down town, to Picayune Office.     Girl from Mrs Greatbatch�s
scrubbing my room out & cleaning windows &c.  Wet in-doors and out.
Down stairs in Swinton�s room.   Welden called.    Out with him to 
Erford�s.        Dined.       In my own damp room by 4.  Drawing,
and all the evening till Waud came at 10.     Erford�s for imbibition.
  28.  Thursday.      In doors drawing all day.   Waud up.    Mr
Hart called at 9.   To Erford�s with him, Etting there and Waud
coming.  /      Writing till 1 o�clock in the morning.      Article 3 for
the Times.
  29.  Friday.   Drawing silver and gold ware from Daguerrotypes
all day.    Matagrabolized.       Mr Hart called, and with him,
& Waud at Erford�s for a space in the evening.
  30. Saturday.  Finished third letter for �Times�.    Left it
at the Office.      Called at �Picayune�.     Dined at Goslings by
4, then called at Vesey Street for Waud.    Tarried till 7,
then crossed over to Jersey, called on Hart & Dillon, took               
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