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Text for Page 033 [07-31-1853]

radings, going out in men�s attire with men, not her husband,
and what not.    /                                  Back to room, and
Waud, Mr Hart and Dillon calling in by 10 1/2.      Ice creams
at Thompsons.      Parted at 12 at the Jersey Ferry.
			     August. /
  1. Monday.  A letter from Mackinac.  Barth, on
getting a cold paternal letter, intimating that self-dependance and
a furnished garret awaited him in England; hath re-enlisted.
It is not so ill as might seem.     He is enabled to live well,
and put by certain monies monthly.   Has $200 to bank.  Writes
warmly, inviting me to go for a month�s Mackinac-izing.    Think
I�ll do part of it.              In doors all day.  Made three drawings
on wood, then reading the �Vestiges of Creation.�   Supping at Erford�s.
found Waud and another.           Bye the bye Erford, whom we
saw well and drinking with a great posse of loud talking Britishers,
on Saturday noon, (he had that day returned from a visit to England,)
died of apoplexy that night, and was buried yesterday.          I walked
through the rain to Beach Street, but Mrs K had not returned,
so back again, wet through to room.
  2.  Tuesday.  Mr Hart calling, with him down town,
parting I did calls, Picayune Office, Wells & Webbs &c, then
breakfasting at Goslings was rejoined by Hart.      Together by the
Sixth Avenue Cars to the Crystal Palace.     Entering at the turn-
style, number of visitors indicating doorway, stood speedily in the in-
terior.         The appearance of the building vastly surpassed such
indefinite expectation I had formed.        The effect of the dome,
its space, lightness and bright colours were all exquisite.  And               
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