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Text for Page 035 [08-02-1853]

na�ve and natural you smile to look on�t.    The big Washing-
ton, equestrian, under the centre of the dome is big and that�s
all, it may be grand, but I didn�t find it so.         Other statues
of various degrees of merit, and demerit.        Dillon, who with
little girl from their Jersey boarding house joined us in entrance,
soon paired off with me, and together we rambled about the building.
Everywhere something worth of a day�s visit.       Pictures, though
not very notable.     Chemicals in various states, a huge cellular
mass of alum, minerals of bright colors.      Mechanical and Engi-
neering implements, Scientific inventions innumerable.     Any amount
of daguerrotypes from various Sun-painters hailing from all parts
of the States.  Waud�s phiz in Brady�s collection./    And a per-
fect glut of Lola Montezes.              Different woods from British
Guina, & Canada.         A birch bark Cause.        Anon we
rambled off to where in �France� a piano was being played hand-
organ fashion.         China ware and glass.      Cloths, tapestry and
hangings of gorgeous colors.   Statuettes, furniture, grates, iron 
mantle slaps and imitations of marble, exquisitely done too.
De la Ruer�s paper  & stationary stand, cards displayed, and
circles of bright colors to show their ware.   A great cast
of Hunter and Bear, a French work.  Finely done, but
painful to see.         The gigantic brute, buttressed on two wide-
straddled, enormous legs, had the man in death hug, her monstrous
claws horribly indented into his torn back, while with distended
and agonized jaws she endeavoured to reach the weapon deeply
buried in her own neck.      The hunter, feebly endeavouring with
his raised right arm to remove that fatal grasp, was evidently               
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