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Text for Page 037 [08-02-1853]

              Parting from Mr Hart I went to Erfords, supped, then to room.
By 8 1/2 to Beach Street.   Mrs Kidder and Lotty both returned.
More and others present, and Whytal.        Learnt from Mrs K
how Scoville of �the Pick,� and his wife were boarding there, and
there�d been a row �twixt him and mother-in-law touching his
former intimacy with Lola Montez.   /            Chatted with Mrs
K awhile, then they got to Euchre playing, I looking on.
Lott came down stairs, talked a bit with her, then she got
to playing cards, bidding me come and look over her hand.     I
soon left, by 10 �, Lotty saying she should call on me o�
Thursday, I telling her I shoud�nt reckon on it. /  Found
Waud at Erfords, drank, and to room by midnight, rather
tired by sight seeing.
  3.  Wednesday.  Picayune Office,  Wells & Webbs, Goslings
&c     To room and drawing.   No 3 of my Articles in to-days
�Times�.          Damoreau called at 1 1/2.       Asked him why he
didn�t come up to dine at Erfords, said it would cost him 2 shil-
lings, whereas he dined for 1..6d, and it behoved him to be mean,
now he was wed.   Hadn�t seen his good sister since the marriage.
 /     Mr Hart came, and we dined together at Erford�s.
He called again at a later hour in the afternoon, and Why-
tal also.      Mr Hart leaving at 6,  Whytal got talking
about Lotty.    Quoth he, in vulgarer phrase, �were I to
have choice of marrying her again, or five years in penitentiary,
I�d take the latter.       We have all sorts of rows.    She wrote
me a very affectionate letter, so that I shouldn�t be ugly about
her Morrisiana visit, signed it �your affectionate little devil.�               
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