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Text for Page 094 [03-10-1850]

              topher Street in the evening.   Joe got a situation which he goes to 
on the morrow.    Greatbatches all migrate to a new place on the 1st of May
or before.
  11. Monday.  Called on a Mr. Hoover � Editor of the �Organ�;
and again on Hardin Andrews.  He�s a clever fellow, and his paper ought
to succeed, if success be handmaid to Merit.  �Mose� all day. Brid-
gens enter and exit as usual.
  {12. Tuesday.    �Mose,� sans intermission. Bridgens in and out. Indi-
  13. Wednesday.}    gestion, pill swallowing and irritability.
  14. Thursday. �Mose.�  Afternoon Hughie calls, and I, unable to
work, in consequence of reparation of pane of glass macademization being in 
go out with him.  Lounge at the Battery. Glorious summer�s day, reminding
me of the first one I experienced in New York. 	/	Now am I
just at this present well beset with minor miseries. Imprimis I�m low in
funds, next I�m unwell mentally and bodily, then lots of rascally, irritating,
worrying detail botherations, � have to negociate with the promise-all, do-nothing
snuffling landlady for street door key, and missing linen, � and lastly
here�s the cadging, cheating Dutchman ^|Irishman| who has remedied my window 
of Sunday, performed it in a damned manner, breaking half the window
frame and forming a supplementary one with putty.		Very pretty
absurdities to annoy and vex � why � that�s the worst of it � It�s so
revolting to have to worry and think of such things. � Oh
Home, Home, Home, and England! �               
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