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Text for Page 040 [08-03-1853]

              undivided passionate devotion.        Well, had she been trained dif-
ferent she would have been a different creature perchance.       As
�tis there�s No Love in her.         And she�ll go through life
playing and fictionizing it.   Poor Lotty � I wish I could
help you!         And how you�d hate me if you could read what
I�ve just penned!      For you can hate, after a spasmodical manner.
  4.  Thursday.  Down town to breakfast.   Return &
writing.   Welden called .      Mr Hart & Dillon called, returning
again also at 2.       All three dined together at Goslings. I par-
ting with [them?] in Wall Street, crossed to Brooklyn, called at Dun-
sier�s.    Saw his mother.     Return per omnibus.  Supped at
Erford�s, then unavailingly calling at Vesey Street for Waud, went
to Jersey City, and the bath, with Mr Hart, Dillon ^|and| Yat-
man.       All to New York subsequently, at joined Richardson
at Patten�s Hotel; Dillon I & Yatman fetching Waud from
Erford�s returned to Pattens.     All imbibing and conversing
till midnight.
  5.  Friday.  A notelet from Heylyn, nothing in it. Break-
fast at Gosling�s.  Return & writing, finishing letter No 4
for the �Times.�     Mr Hart and Dillon came and at 5, 
I, Waud, Yatman & Eyting, (who chanced to be in Swinton�s
office below,) went with them to the dep�t of the Harlem
railroad  and saw them off for the west.   Chicago their destina-
tion.          Waud parting from us, I, Eyting & Yatman went
to Rabineaus and had a bathe.   Then taking a boat rowed
about adjacent to Castle Garden.       Supped together at Dey
Street, and I left them in Swinton�s room with Waud.               
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