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Text for Page 042 [08-06-1853]

              That albeit he had been very patient, (with occasional fits of
erascibility,)  he couldn�t live thus any more.    That she�d
vilify him as an uneducated blackguard,  insult him before folk,
and had lied about him.    (In the story about his striking
or trying to choke her down South, which she told me as well
as others.  Whytal says she reversed the parts of the actors in
the scene, that she attempted to strangle him, and he only
held her hands.      She acknowledged to him, that she had
thus lied to obtain sympathy!)      Divers rows have they
had of late, producing this present crisis.    Last night she
intimated an intention of visiting her father, (not having seen
him for two months.)  This Whytal, (he has a great belief
in Mr Kidder,)  warmly approved of.  When he came home
at night he found her playing cards .  She hadn�t been,
and snubbed him for asking the wherefore.   They had a
row on that subjects, but it blew over.    She had a desire
to go to Saratoga with Mrs Brook, (pleasant faced woman
there boarding, mother of the little child Louisa,) and he,
Whytal didnt like it,   firstly because Mrs Brook�s husband
was going, (the man has been recently released from the
State Prison for counterfeiting,)   then that he hadn�t the
$ to spare for her expenses, and lastly, that his mother
was coming in a visit to New York, to see her daughter
in law for the first time.        So there was a row on that.
And this morning she scolded for an hour, and called
out for Mrs Kent, (chatty little widow, boarder to come in)
Whytal being in his shirt prevented it by closing the door.               
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