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Text for Page 043 [08-06-1853]

              And Lotty flew at him, pulled his hair and otherwise mal-
treated him, on which he told her she had outlived his liking,
and they would part, he taking his child.       So she sought
her mother, told her how Whytal had said scandalous things
about her and Morse,  and Mrs Kidder wrote him a letter
the which he read to me.   It was flowery, abusive and
grandiloquent, telling him that he was a blackguard, talking
about his ill-usage of �her child�, bidding him leave her house,
(the which he had already expressed his intention of doing,) and
stating her deision was �irrevocable.�       Presently Whytal
ran off about her, Mrs K.      Says he �Lotty told her that
I had said things against her, yet she herself has told me
more that I knew about her mother.�      That one night, coming
home late, it being unknown that Morse had returned from
Boston, Lotty had gone into the parlor, where her mother
then slept.      She had presently come into her husband�s room
upstairs, burst out sobbing, and told how she had seen a man
in bed with her mother.  Whytal calmed her, and anon she
[word crossed out] would go down and see who it was.   And coming
back, she begging him to say nothing of it reported that it
was Morse.      She had seen him in the other parlor,
dressed,  Mrs K, in her night attire.    Morse said nought
to her, although he knew it was not known that he had ar-
rived, until the morrow.             Lotty had also told this
story to Mrs Kent in one of her sympathetic confidences.
     Well.   It only confirms what I had speculated in and be-
lieved.    Credit the chastity of that Woman, � bah!   I credit               
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