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Text for Page 044 [08-06-1853]

              All    Whytal has told me, this day.     The fellow spoke
without passion about Lotty.   Said he �I would�nt injure her
by lifting a finger, if I could do it.�     He�s evidently been
very unhappy, tried every thing, and suffered much.   Quoth
he, �her father has cried over her about it.�       And to-night
Whytal goes to the house, takes away child, and there an 
   What a damnable Chapter in private life is here opened.
Now had I, when first taken by Charley Brown up town
to see a certain bright-eyed Lotty Kidder, prophesied her
fate, what would come of her pretty whims and self-will;
what a Coeleano, what a bird of evil note should I have
been.    Yet it was all there, lying intact, to be developed
by future events.        As for Mrs K, � the woman was
always harlot in soul, � what does it matter?      And Lotty
will play at wretchedness in parting with her child, feeling no
jot of real emotion in it.       And she�ll sentimentalize, and
let Dods & Luckies make love to her, and find no comfort
in it.        And poor vulgar, well meaning, spitting Whytal
will love the child, and be happier than he has been of late.
For he has endured much, striven much, and believed in
her much, � and she has worn him out. /  What a pretty tale
of wrong and injury Lott will make of all this, when I see
her next time.   And how Mrs K will elaborately set
forth how she expelled Whytal.     And how calmly, almost
assentingly I shall listen to [word crssed out] the latter.
     I don�t know whether �tis better to end acquaintance with               
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