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Text for Page 045 [08-06-1853]

              these people or not.    I see much, and am learning much,
but is it advisable to look so closely into rottenness.  Perchance
yes.       Will Morse, Epicurean as he is, marry that woman.
He may, but I doubt it.      But perchance she�ll suit him,
and he will.     With all his assumption of intellect I see
who he is.  /          And as for Lotty, will she go on, like
the evil spirit in the Testament, seeking for rest, and finding
none, will she and Whytal live together again; will she
play out sentiment with others, will not her mother quarrel with
her (having no son-in-law to pay her board, now,) or will she
come to Worse than All, that?
     I hope not.    But how could I help it, � and if I could,
should I?
  7  Sunday.   Down town to breakfast at Goslings.   In Swinton�s
offices below all day till 9 1/2, drawing hard, both of us.  I
did three drawings on wood.     Hayes, English born, Bostonian
resident woodpecker here all the afternoon, Yatman in evening.
At 10, went to Beach Street.   Nobody in the parlors awhile,
presently Lotty came down.   Told me her version of the story.
That Whytal had told her he�d no further use for her, she
had assailed him  &c   Seperation the result.     She reckons on
a divorce, plans residence for a year in Connecticut to obtain
one.      �Keeping up,� quoth I a correspondence with Dod all
the time.�  So it proved, was her expectation.   She�s corres-
ponded with him all along, for a year; fetched the letters to
me, and his portrait.      Reckons already on another marriage.
And cares not a straw for parting with her child, neither               
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