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Text for Page 046 [08-07-1853]

              assumes it, says he loves it, and will take care of it, �
she has �schooled herself� to it.        Bah!
   She never looked better in face and figure [words crossed out] than
this night.       And she never looked worse.   For as I looked
into her eyes   knowing what she is, when I thought of these plans
and schemings, their folly and criminality, and vanity and wretch
ed selfishness; when I remembered little ignoble-looking Whytal�s
love for his child, patience with her whims and insult, I
knew right well he was for the truer hearted being.    Out upon
her.      I�m shamed to have wasted sympathy upon her.    And
so let her pass.    I�ll watch out the remainder of the play,
(perchance to put it to right good use in book work some day;)
but with only curiosity, not sympathy with the heroine, henceforth.
  8.  Monday.  Drawing awhile, then to the �Times� Office, where
after sitting some fifteen minutes Raymond came.   Settled about my
starting off for the West.   Gave me papers &c, authorizing me as Times
Correspondent.     Paid me $21 for Catskill Letters.    Expenses &
letters paid in this Journey.       Down stairs in the Office with him, seeing
about Travellers passes &c.     Then out, and a score of things to
do, all the day.    At Picayune Office, to Wells & Webbs for a
lot of blocks, to Strongs for money. Got $20 paid.   To the Post
Office &c and a hurried dinner at Goslings.    To Hutchings, to places
innumerable, hat buying, pencil buying, linen and hosiery buying,
this, that, & the other.     To Leslie�s Office,  �Illustrated News
Office.    Saw Damoreau, for carpet bag and matters about sending
my letters in �Times�, home while I was out of town.    Talk with
Leslie, met Waud there, parted from him; and calls again.  At               
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