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Text for Page 047 [08-08-1853]

              Times Office again for Erie Railroad passes &c. Got �em. At Hut-
chings �Time Piece.�       Harrington and Luckey.       At Genins.
Finally at about 4 to my Office, laden with things, some 8 or
more huge boxwood blocks among �em.      Looked in at Swinton�s room.
Waud there, & Eyting.        Said that Welden had been twice or thrice,
calling for me, in a bibulous condition.           Up stairs, and drawing
sans pause.   Did one big Four Column drawing, one two column,
making 6 of the latter, and two of the former done in advance.  While
at it Welden came, talked awhile.    How Seymour was detested in
the Office, how O�Brien had knocked out teeth twain from an harm-
less individual�s mouth for permitting the expression to escape �that he
was no gentleman!�           Presently Weldon left, with Montaigne. Waud
came up.         And about 7 Mr Greatbatch with letters from home.
From my mother, Naomi, and George Bolton.        One item in
the former makes me old.       Samuel, my youngest brother is about,
� has done it, by this time,) getting married.        Mr Greatbatch left
and I finished my drawings.        To Erfords for a moment, then to
Beach Street,  moved thereto by the anticipation of getting the other $10
of my $20 repaid me.              Lotty was in, alone, or nearly so, for
there was a sleepy boarder recumbent of on the sofa in the adjoining room.
But before I put down this evening   I must recapitulate a little.
This morning, breakfasting at Sweeneys, I met Whytal & Perkins.
They walked with me into Broadway, and Whytal came up stairs with
me.        I told him, condensing and partly softening it, the account
I�d heard at Beach Street about the seperation.  Not a jot else. But
it set him talking, rambling retrospectively at a great rate, and with
unlooked for results.       First he told, how a Saturday evening               
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