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Text for Page 049 [08-08-1853]

              all these countless flaws, (more or less truly pourtrayed,) might, aye
and would disenchant an Aphrodite, � knowing that too, had I
been the actor in that scene down South      I should have paid a thousand
times bitterer a penalty than he, � knowing all this, yet as I 
thought of Lotty�s face and person � I envied him.
     Well, � to return.  Whytal, after reading me a letter formally
demanding her return to him,  whereon to found a divorce, as she�d
refuse, went away.               And in the evening, as before put
down I called.   Her mother was up-stairs with Morse.   I and
Lotty sat in the rear parlor.     I told her of my starting off for a
month or more on the morrow, and rattled away, half cynical,
half prophetic of her future, of Dod, of herself, of a thousand
other things, speaking in the jesting, earnest, half sorrowful man-
ner provoked by what I knew secretly.   To this she responded 
with that singular frankness allied to
the rest of her characteristics.        We talked of Whytal, I purposely
spoke of him being the only one who had offered honorably among the
crew, down South.    She denied it, with �You don�t know, Tom,
and you never shall know of the circumstances attending that mar-
riage.�       It was almost admitting what I had heard, that morning.
Had I pursued the matter I believe she would have told me all.
We talked on.        I spoke of her whole life, what it had been, 
what it should have been, what it was and might be.    I told her
there were such things as Truth and Right in the world, homes
where mothers loved their children with all their hearts, true friends
who would hold fast by one another, never crediting wrong or shame
about them.         I told her how this wretched cloaca of sphere               
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