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Text for Page 095 [03-15-1850]

              {15. Friday.    �Mose� sans intermission. Indigestion and
  16. Saturday.}    irritable desire to get them done, and the $100,
to any amount. Intimacy with Bridgens increasing: � the fellow has
unquestionably talent artistic and architectural. Joe called on Saturday
[words crossed out]
  17. Sunday.  Drawing in the morning � against my will.  Not
that I think Deity hath put a vote against it, but that the one
day of seven should be devoted to ease and relaxation.   Bridgens 
present from the afternoon, downwards.    Talk i'the evening of
Parisian life, of Suicide, of hair-breadth �scapes from death in various
shapes � of which he hath experienced his share.   He has lived and
experienced much, and
	�An thy heart be as good as thy hand
	     Thou art better than Robyn Hood.�
He narrateth how he was drowned in the Loire. How again
in a West Indian river, his foot entangled in tree at the bottom, � how
nigh drifting out to the Spanish Main, in sailing boat; how the tide
came up drowning his horse, and not him.
  {18. Monday.    �Mose� from 8 in the morn till 11 at night. Internal
  19. Tuesday.    corporeal commotions, head-aches, pill-taking, � wretched.
  20. Wednesday.}    Bridgens intermittingly present. On Wednesday he
leaves for Lowell and Boston, somewhat unexpectedly. Promises to cor-               
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