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Text for Page 050 [08-08-1853]

              to live in, among asses and libertines  had made her what she was,
and must keep her so, did she not leap out of�t.
     All of this I did without any thought of my fine-resolves of never
sympathizing any more � so bravely put down only a night ago !
     I did more.   The dialogue was an animated one, not unmixed
with individual matters.    She wanted my daguerreotype, �I must� give
her one.  I refused, telling her jestingly earnest how little �twould be
held.   It was enough to have Dod�s.  I didn�t want the time to come
when I might be ranked amid such.          Then I must write, long letters,
and she�d respond.       I told her to look in �The Times.�    So it went on.
We were close together, she in white, beautiful as ever.   I kissed
her.     She defied me, and we talked on.   Time sped on, the
rain came down in raging storm without, and a lightning flash glared
now and then.  She went to sofa, lay down, I sat on chair by
the head of it, bent over her he face and we talked on. Another
kiss. �   Mrs Kent came home, joined us, rallied me, like a
widow as she was, not about Lotty but on my presumed indifference
to women.      I replied.        They were on the sofa together.   And
on the rounded beauty of Lotty�s plump leg above the pretty
kissable, brown-booted foot!         Time wore on.   Rain left off,
I must go.     After a rallying scene in the front parlor, in which
I set forth many reasons why Mrs Kent should kiss me, with
discursive remarks on the philosophy and pleasures of kissing, I put
on hat to go.      �I�ll kiss you before you go away!� said Lotty.
And she did � a close, sweet, passionate kiss, � which was repaid her in
the hall.   It�s remembrance is with me yet.  �You will write
then, Tom?�       I replied I know not what, and dashed forth               
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