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Text for Page 052 [08-08-1853]

              as they do, setting my very heart athirst for thee!
     I went back to my room, taking a little food at Erfords,
and then sat up until 2 in the morning, doing a score of things
  9.   Tuesday}      preparing to going off.   Then lay down,
but slept not at all.    Up by 4,  and everything down,
through a street or two of the slumbering city, (not without
thought of what I had seen in these four years space, here;)
and feeling that the time would be when all this present would
be byegone, all, Waud, Boutcher, acquaintances, strugglings,
lovings, New-York journalizings  &c  �all off the scene, now
so crowded.        I wonder what Mary Bilton is thinking about
this morning?       /         Aboard the boat, and across to the
Erie Railroad.           I�ve travelled this route twice ere this,
so shall say no word about it now.      The day wore on as
usual with its infinite beauties of sunlight variations.       At Hornells-
ville  I branched off for Buffalo, there to the �Mayflower�
steamboat, aboard which I was soon plowing the waters of Lake
Erie.      The boat was densely crowded, and I anticipated
passing the night on six inches of table, as the Steward in-
timated.  But my avocation as �Times Correspondent� which
had effected marvels of civility by the way, failed not here.
It got me a supper and the snuggest of state rooms, while
less happy mortals couldn�t purchase the latter at any price.   I
was glad, being very weary.  Five or six hundred miles of
travel and two busy sleepless days proceeding it had tired me
out.    After head washing and cleaning &c    I went to bed
despite singing going on at a piano in the open saloon from               
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