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Text for Page 053 [08-09-1853]

              which my cabin branched.      Two life preservers hanging up, snug
shelf berths, with white sheets &c  a door window looking out on the
broad waste of dark water, and a great cloud of smoke drifting
off from the steam boats tunnel, � that was what I saw, and
soon was in deep dreamless slumber.
  10.  Wednesday. Up, around, and lively.    Breakfasting in
style,  strolling about noting everybody.   Pretty girls there were, some,
many quite other than pretty.   Poor emigrants breakfasting roughly
enough mid boxes and lumber below.   Farmer men.   Well dressed,
cosmopolitan Americans.      A hot, lovely day,  Erie lake a bright
green.     Reading, dozing, some, but very little talking; then noon;
and past it.       Dinner, as we go up the Detroit River.  Cana-
da shore, flat and tame looking on our right.         Detroit by
2 or half past.      To the Waverly House, and inquired about
Mr Hart.    He and Dillon off yesterday.    Washing &c, then
wrote two letters one to Hart at Chicago, one to Barth at
Mackinac.      Then scoring up the last seven pages of this record.
supper, and a nocturnal walk about Detroit, and bed
  11.  Thursday.  Up, and to the riverside, and called on Ward
the steam-boat proprietor, projector of the excursion.   There I found
also a Mr Swan, Editor & proprietor of the Columbus� Elevator�.
Introduced to him, with all honor.      A burly shrewd, well thinking man.
Together with Ward to the �Pacific�, his steamboat destined to convey
us to Sault St Marie, then to join the Sam Ward.   There sitting
in the cabin conversing awhile, then I & Swan started off into the town
together.  I must fain go with him to his hotel, the National, crack
place in the town, there to drink brandy with him and talk.    We               
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