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Text for Page 054 [08-11-1853]

              spake of many things  & I found he had no small acquaintance and
respect for English literature, in special the Reviews & Quarterly�s.
He denounced the Pilgrim Fathers &c and partially Bancroft�s
history, was great of an English Education &c.  In fact had, for
an American, an Anglomania .     I talked too, and so well
was he pleased with his acquaintance that I must tarry to dinner.
Previously we walked out, broiling hot, and he called at the house
of General Cass, with the intention to introduce me to the Great
Michigander.       But the word was he was�nt it.  �He is in�
said Swan, as we walked on.  So it proved, for on our return,
old Cass was sitting at the window, reading a paper.      Swan was
very irate.    Back to the Hotel, noble dinner and champagne
in glory.  Then I hurried off to the Waverly, paid $1, and
with carpet bag was driven to the steamboat.     Got my berth, 
state cabin in fore part of the vessel, two other occupants to come.
Soon filled up.    Firstly eldery man ^|(Frisell)|, then young fellow, son to
Mc Elrath part proprietor of the Tribune.        He came for me
with message from Swan, who wouldn�t drink without my being of
the party.    In the bar, introduced to everybody.      Sam Ward,
old Captain, father of E.B.   Newspaper man, from Buffalo,
and Cleveland.   Wheeler and another, Great glory and much
drinking.    Two hours delay, boats starts.   Up the bright
green, Detroit river,   Canada shore low and flat on the right.
Lake St Clair, and the Saint Clair river.    Introductions &
glorifications.    Long strips of marsh land, and lonely vessel.
Merry talkings every where.       Fellows playing Euchre &
Poker below in the Saloon.      I talking with the Clerk, Frank               
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