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Text for Page 055 [08-11-1853]

              Noble above.   Of the career of Ward, how his wife had spun the
material for the sail of his first vessel.    How he owns 13 now.
How he builds vessels at Newport, being the nabot of the place,
founds schools, sends boys to �em, and employs half the folk.    Then
about the Lakes.    Of Hennepin the good priest discoverer.    How
two frenchmen from Montreal did establish a place for fur-trading
and peltries, now Hudson Bay Fur Company�s.      How a certain
old governor of that Company now alive hath travelled round the
world 13, times, and essayed another this year, but gave it up.  Of
Indians and there ways.    Meantime we had stopped at Newport
where the �E K Collins� was building.    Our Chief�s place of maturity.
Fellows gambling below, dollar bills lying on table, $200 changing
hands.    Swan, Mc Elrath, Wheeler & another playing, though
not for money.    I about everywhere.   And take the opportunity
of a halt to write this, being almost blind with fatigue.   Its 10 or
11, and to bed.     Just about turning in, when a whimsical in-
cident takes place.   Young Mc Elrath who had been drinking and
playing �poker� and �Euchre� in the Bar Saloon nigh all day, hearing
Elevator �Swan�s� voice on the wharf without, leapt out of window
with intent to join him, plunged down into the water t�wixt vessel
and dock.  Wetted through and hat lost.
  12.  Friday.  All this day crossing Lake Huron.  Little
to be seen but a boundless expanse of water unbroken by sail or
sight.    A hot, bright day during all the earlier part, but blowing
chill and fresh at night.   Much fraternization with everybody.
Talks, literary, historic, geologic and universal with Swan.   Much
matter from well informed, good humored Frank Noble, (who �tis said,               
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