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Text for Page 059 [08-13-1853]

              waiting, though the rain had cleared off, leaving an Iris, and a 
beautiful sunset.      But as we got off, all sitting, (ladies included) on
baggage,)  twas overclouded again � and rain �gan fall.   A wild
prospect     Huge rock boulders, the water to the right and before
us, great tree roots uptorn and blackened, pools and dykes. At
the Sam Ward atlength.     Across another boat to her.  A decent
steamboat.      Found friend Montgomery, and with Swan was inducted
into a delectable State Cabin, forward, night to Barbers shop.    We
two alone have it.    Tossed for berths & he won the lower on.       I
down stairs talking with his sister.   A pleasant faced, though not hand-
some home-loving woman,  told me she could set up types, and was
rather weary of this travel, wishing herself at home.  An hour thus,
then above and about.    We have started within half an hour after
embarkation.   Not over crowded, but no lack of folk, and I have as
yet found none disagreeable.    Most amusing varieties of character.    I
do like thy frank, manly natured, unaffected good sense of American
character, that granite of character, independence.  Evening wore on.
Dancing and music in the ladies cabin, colored barber playing
guitar, others the flute and violin.     Cotillions.  /      Out on
the fore-deck, conversing with the Captain, a manly, good look-
ing sturdy fellow; and an old Captain in these Lakes.    Then
below in the bar-saloon with Swan and the Captain.  The
latter tracing our course on the map.    We go to the most western
extremity.        Fellows playing cards behind, Mc Elrath one of
�em.     And one, and sturdy, bold looking young fellow
of Front de Lac, said he had 6 Indian wives.    If I�d
visit him I should have the handsomest Indian girl in the place               
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