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Text for Page 096 [03-20-1850]

              respond, and will return in a month.   I like the fellow extremely
  21. Thursday.  Very ill all day, maddening, throbbing, head-ache,
internal disagreables, � feel as if about to vomit, limbs ache � yet
stuck at �Mose�.  Finished last stone but one.   The snuffling,
thrice-wed landlady intimates a rise of a half-dollar for board �
Won�t pay it, and so must clear out.      When �Mose� is done, and
I get the $100, verily it�ll be manna from heaven.  I�m cursedly
ill. I hope I shan�t be worse.	       I ought soon to get a letter from �
  {22. Friday.    Work and illness. rhubarb taking �to purge my ex-
  23. Saturday.}    cessive choler� as the Curate saith of one of the books
in Don Quixote�s library.  Saturday evening the boarders, in consequence
of a recent theft here occurring go out to consult a Clairvoyant, � Martin
the originator of the notion. 	          Joe called.    Dunned Butler in vain.
  24. Sunday. Drawing in the morning. Afternoon to Christopher Street.
A stroll about Broadway and thereanent, in company with Joe.
  25. Monday.  Mark this day with a white stone � a letter from M
Too ill in body and jaded in mind to chronicle all the thoughts and feelings
produced by it.    So Betsy Alexander is wed, and Tob (?) about to be.
Faith the world runs on!            Newspapers brought by Greatbatch, which
I�m going to have a in-bed read, as tis 11 o�clock and I�ve worked
from 8 in the morn.   Castor-oil taking also.  I�ve very weary of this
  26. Tuesday to the 30. Sunday. �Mose� unceasingly.               
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